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I started working with Windows Server and SQL Server way back in the SQL 7 and Windows Server 2000 days. Since then I’ve been a part of many different projects with Windows Servers and SQL Servers; I helped developed DR systems, upgraded various different versions of SQL and Windows, performance tune queries and code, manage/support large OLTP systems, design and implement data warehouses, olap cube design and development, report development, etc… Basically I just love working with data and SQL. When I am not knee deep in data, I can be found fishing and chasing my daughter around the soccer field.

My background is in Operational Management and Inventory Control. I started in 2000 as an Inventory Control Specialist of a 3PL company. From my successes as an Inventory Control manager, I then moved into Operational Management. I have worked with multiple operational systems such as SAP, Manhattan, LOGICS, LMS, XATA and MS Office Products. My day to day responsibilities were managing Lean Initiatives, Labor Management, Shrinkage and People. I found that in operations and inventory control, everything always went back to the data. The data always directed the flow of all projects and would find challenges that were presented along the way. The trick was finding the data in an efficient manner. With an operational background, I understand these challenges very well. Pulling data and increasing efficiencies has always been something I have enjoyed. Outside of work, I enjoy family time, spending time outdoors and football!

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